Why Choose Trenchless Plumbing

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Choose Trenchless Plumbing

There are many ways you should choose trenchless plumbing over traditional plumbing. Trenchless plumbing is one of the safest and most cost effective ways to solve a whole host of pipe and sewage problems.

You can save yourself major issues by having the correct information. Check out these reasons on why you should choose trenchless plumbing.

It saves your landscaping

If you go with traditional plumbing, pipe repairs or replacement requires digging to expose the complete pipe. Reduce the amount of digging required is one of the benefits of trenchless plumbing. Our Sommerville and Son plumbers with only two small access points. One access point at each end of the pipe.

Future damage is prevented

With traditional plumbing and having to dig a large trench to expose the pipe, any tree roots that have damaged the pipes need to be removed. Any damage by roots is done when the roots grow around the pipes. The chance is great that the roots will repeat the damage in 5 to 10 years.

The trenchless method reduces damage because the roots are not removed and the chance of damage from growing roots is reduced significantly.

Cost Savings

The lack of having to spend the time digging a trench as well as the cost of repairing landscaping, the savings are significant. To dig a trench you need more manpower which costs more. Your manpower can be reduced so that there is minimal labor costs.

With your landscaping, depending on the length and path of the trench, you may have a bill that is equal to the plumbing to repair the damage to your yard.

Environmentally Friendly

This method decreases the ecological damage done by repairing the pipes. Without having to dig large areas up, we can maintain the root structures and other unseen ecosystems from any damage.


We hope that this helps you with your decision on whether to choose traditional or trenchless plumbing repair or replacement.

If you have any questions call the professionals at Sommerville and Son and we will be happy to answer them for you. For any electrical issues visit our sister website Highmark Electric.

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