Clogged Toilets, Sinks & Tubs

Sometimes what seems like a minor clog at first can quickly become a real nuisance. When that stubborn clog won’t go away, no matter how much Liquid Plumber you pour down the sink, it’s time to call in the experts at Sommerville & Son. We’ve been busting through the toughest clogs in toilets, sinks and tubs since 1969, and are ready to help you solve any problems with clogs in your home.

When to Call the Experts?

Most people would rather avoid the expense of having a professional plumber come to their home just to clear any clogs from their sinks, tubs and toilets. The truth is that having a professional come to your home to clear the clogs out of your pipes can actually save you a lot of time, money and hassle in the future. While it is true that minor clogs can easily be taken care of by pouring chemicals into the drain, most chemicals like Drano or Liquid Plumber are only effective when used on a regular basis. Most people don’t realize that a single use of a pipe clearing chemical won’t prevent the continued buildup of a clog. This is why having your pipes professionally cleared will go a long way towards helping you save money you would otherwise spend on drain chemicals, not to mention the time you’ll spend waiting for the chemicals to take effect.

With more severe clogs, you can try using a small auger to clear the pipe out. These are available at any hardware or home improvement store, and can actually be a useful tool for maintaining the cleanliness of your pipes over time. One major drawback to using an auger however is the major mess that it can cause! Nobody wants to have to deal with the scattered bits of junk that often come out of the pipe when you clean it on your own with the pipe auger. When you call a professional to do the job, you will not only avoid making a huge mess of your bathroom or kitchen, you will also be able to rest assured in the knowledge that your sink, toilet or tub will drain smoothly for an extended period of time, without any risk of internal damage to the pipe or chance of a clog occurring in the near future. For hassle free, reliable clearing of any clogged toilet or slow drain in your home, get in touch with the experts at Sommerville & Son. We’ll have everything flowing smoothly again in your home in no time, and with no mess to worry about cleaning up either!

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