Furnace Maintenance & Repairs

Having regular inspections and furnace maintenance performed on your furnace is the best way to keep it working properly. With the help of the experts at Sommerville & Son, you can rest assured knowing your furnace system is in good hands. We have all the expertise to keep your furnace running in top shape. The fully certified team of furnace technicians at Sommerville & Son are helping keep residences living throughout the lower mainland areas warm throughout the fall and winter.

Complete Inspection

Proper furnace maintenance begins with an inspection. Our technicians focus on every detail of your furnace to ensure that it is producing heat safely and efficiently for your entire home. We have all the equipment and expertise necessary to perform thorough inspections and maintenance on virtually any type of furnace and heating system. Our safety check will ensure that each component of the furnace is checked.  This includes the burners, ignition, filters as well as the ventilation system are all functioning properly. Should any issue be found, we will perform the necessary repairs to get your furnace running at peak efficiency once again.

Full Service Repairs

When it comes to performing repairs on a furnace, it is important to ensure each repair is performed to the highest of standards. Whether it is a simple repair job, or one that will take more time, we make sure everything is working properly before we leave your home. At Sommerville & Son, it is important that our customers have peace of mind after we finish working on their furnace. Our technicians are always willing to go over what repairs they completed with the homeowner.  We will be happy to provide the homeowner with any additional information they may want concerning the upkeep of their furnace and what they can do to ensure the longevity of the heating system in their home. We are here for you.

In addition to the quality repair and inspection services we offer, our furnace technicians will also perform a full clean on your furnace and vents. This can help you save money in the long run in a number of ways. A clean ventilation system will allow your furnace to distribute heat throughout your home more easily.  This will help you save on energy. You will also save money on regular repairs, since a clean furnace is less likely to experience any major issues in the future. To book an inspection, repairs or a cleaning for your furnace, book online or give us a call. We’ll be happy to hear from you!

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