Heat Pumps

A Heat Pump is a great way to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, all using one device. For residents living in the Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam and Port Moody areas, a heat pump can be an ideal choice when it comes to year round heating and cooling solutions in your home. The heat pump is capable of withstanding the temperate climate of Southern British Columbia, and can work well in terms of both heating and cooling when it comes to moving heat in and out of your home in the moderate weather that is common to the area. Having been living and working in this area since 1969, the experts at Sommerville & Son are extremely familiar with heat pumps of all makes and models, and can help you with any repairs or installations you may require in your home.

Regular Service

Most heat pumps will require some sort of maintenance or service on an annual basis. Issues such as leaks, inefficiency or problems with condensation build-up can often lead to serious and far more costly problems that often require the unit to be replaced all together. With the help of the experts at Sommerville & Son, homeowners who use heat pumps can rest assured that they won’t have to find a replacement for their unit until it is absolutely necessary. Thanks to our level of experience and understanding of virtually any heat pump system, we will be able to accurately diagnose any problem and perform the necessary repairs in a timely fashion. It is our goal to make sure that no unwanted surprises occur with your heat pump, since your whole household relies on the unit year round for their heating and cooling needs.

There are a number of ways a heat pump can start to lose its reliability and become less efficient. The best way to avoid any mishaps in the future is to perform regular complete maintenance on the unit. With Sommerville & Son, our customers gain peace of mind knowing that we will never cut corners or deviate from our thorough maintenance procedures that include:

• Servicing the filtration system
• Cleaning the condenser fan and oiling the motor
• Cleaning the condenser coils
• Check Refrigerant charge
• Check Thermostat, fuses and breakers.
• And of course, checking for leaks!

If you have a heat pump working at your home, and haven’t had a thorough inspection or any maintenance performed over the last year, now is the perfect time to get in touch with the experts at Sommerville & Son. We will be happy to get your heat pump working at top efficiency, so you can get the utmost in terms of comfort in your home. Call today or contact us online to book an appointment, or to get a quote on any repairs or replacement you may require.


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