One of the most important components of a home that is in proper working order is the heating system. Whether your home uses a furnace, a boiler or a heat pump as your heating system.  The experts at Somerville & Son Plumbing and Heating Ltd. can provide you with top quality service and repairs that will save you from any major trouble.

Furnace Installation & Replacement

The right furnace for your home is a vital to the day to day routine of your household. There comes a point where it is more cost effective to have the unit replaced than it is to perform repairs. We provide you with an honest assessment of the current state of your furnace.  Then we determine whether or not it makes the most sense to repair or replace the unit entirely. If a replacement be required, our staff will  help you find the appropriate unit for your home and your budget. We’ll replace your old unit in a timely fashion, and get your home back to normal as soon as possible.

Furnace Maintenance & Repair

Having regular maintenance performed on your furnace can keeping it running smoothly for a number of years. With a furnace company, regular maintenance and repair costs can quickly start to add up.  This is especially true if your furnace is outside its original warranty. Fortunately the competitive pricing offered by Somerville & Son gives you an alternative to the expensive furnace company. Our heating experts are fully qualified and have all the necessary equipment needed to perform repairs and/or regular maintenance on your furnace.


Whether you have in-floor heating or old style radiators in your home, we can help you maintain your heating system. Our heating experts are familiar with all types of boiler heating systems.  We are experienced enough to provide you with regular service that will keep your boiler system running properly for a long time. We are also able to provide you with replacement units, including high efficiency models that run at up to 90% efficiency.

Heat Pumps

In the moderate climate of the lower mainland areas, a heat pump is an ideal way to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. As the leading heating specialists in the area for over 40 years, Somerville & Son Plumbing and Heating Ltd. has been helping residents in the area with  expert service and repairs. If you’re looking for a new heat pump, or are interested in replacing an existing heating system in your home with a heat pump, we will be more than happy to make suggestions based on your needs, and can get your new unit installed quickly and of course correctly.

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